4G LTE Internet Service Purchase FAQs - Page 2

4G LTE Internet Service Purchase FAQs

What does the word "throttle" mean?
Throttle is a term used by the big wireless providers. It refers to the way your service slows down when you reach your "unlimited" data amount. Once you hit that data amount, usually 20GB, they throttle, or slow, your service to 2 or 3G, which makes using your device frustratingly slow. The data amount you can use is still unlimited, just painfully slow.

What if I don't need unlimited marine internet service?
We have monthly plans in the US and Bahamas with a fixed data amount. These fixed amount data plans are also completely unthrottled. Call us or check on our website for pricing on all of our marine service plans.

Can I buy Internet Service from Marine Data Solutions and use this service with the existing 4G equipment already installed on my yacht?
Yes, you can purchase any of our affordable, fixed-price, fixed-amount, or unlimited internet airtime plans for use for your existing 4G LTE wireless modem. We can ship you a sim card and assist you with programming your existing device.