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4G LTE Internet Service Purchase FAQs

How can I get 100Mbps 4G LTE downloads on my Yacht?
The Marine Data Solutions 100 Mbps 4G LTEA service is available to all of our customers using service in the Continental USA. To receive this new “Advanced” high speed service you will need to have the latest “4G LTE A” equipment. We carry this equipment in stock, with dual sim card 4G LTEA modems starting at $500. We strongly recommend you also have 2 external antennas for best system performance. Call or email us for more information on the required hardware.

What geographic areas support Marine Data Solutions 100mbps downloads?
Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach, and Miami all have many 100Mbps coverage areas. New high-speed coverage is rolling out every day throughout the Continental USA. Call or email us for the latest coverage update list.

How is Marine Data Solutions 4G LTEA service better than my VSAT?
Marine Data Solutions 4G LTEA Service is at least 5 times faster than your VSAT, at a fraction of the cost. In addition to being much faster download speeds, Marine Data Solutions provides Unlimited Gigabytes of Unthrottled internet usage, in the Continental USA, at a fixed price. All crew members and guests can have their fill of streaming movies and music, along with social media uploads of the latest onboard adventures. Everyone gets the Internet that they need, at a fixed cost. No Overages, No hidden Fees, No Surprises.

How is Marine Data Solutions 4G LTEA service different than my VSAT?
Marine Data Solutions works through shore based towers. With the correct equipment and installation, you can expect to reliably use our high speed internet service when you are a maximum of 15-20 miles from the nearest tower. Vsat will allow you a much slower, and much more expensive internet service, anywhere you are located. When you are beyond coverage of land based towers, satellite service is your only option.

What 4G LTEA equipment do you recommend for USA, Bahamas, and Caribbean?
We carry all required system components in stock, please call us for pricing on the latest high-speed equipment.

How do I change my account Billing information?
To make any changes to your account, log in here: https://marinedatasolutions.com/account/login

How can I purchase the required equipment?
We are standing by to assist with your equipment selection. We have all of the latest equipment in stock and ready to ship same day. Please call or email today.

How can I get assistance with Equipment Installation?
We have a network of trained and professional installers ready to assist. Call or email today.

Is the Marine Data Solutions MDS-101 unit still available?
The MDS101 is still in stock and available if needed. However, we are phasing this unit out as it does not support 100Mbps downloads, and only has a single sim card slot. The new equipment starts at $500, and it can support both 100Mbps downloads, and dual sim cards.

Can I upgrade my existing Marine Data Solutions MDS-101 to a faster unit?
Yes, we have an upgrade program that will allow you “trade up” your existing MDS-101 for the new high speed, dual sim card equipment. Call us for details.

Can I get a Bahamas 4G LTE sim card sent to me if I’m located in the Bahamas?
We have successfully overnighted sim cards to Nassau in the Bahamas many times, call or email us today for details.

Does Marine Data Solutions have any "Fee's" associated with the service?
Marine Data Solutions has: No activation fees, No hidden Fees, No overages, No Surprises.

What happens I use more data than my plan allows in the USA?
For our fixed amount 25gb and 50gb plans, service will slow down to 3g speed when you reach your data limit. If you need more data, before the next billing cycle, please call us for a “recharge”. We can add more data to your plan as needed.

What happens I use more data than my plan allows in the Bahamas?
The Marine Data Solutions 4G LTE Bahamas service will turn off when you have consumed 300GB. Simply call us to recharge your service if more is needed.

Are there any taxes that are added to the cost of your service?
We must add 6% State of Florida sales tax to all purchases. (will move to 7% soon) Otherwise, No Activation Fees, No “Government Fees”, No Hidden Fees, No Overages, No Surprises.

What is the actual coverage area for Bahamas service?
Please click here to see the Marine Data Solutions 4G LTE coverage map https://marinedatasolutions.com/pages/coverage-map

What is the maximum data speed for Bahamas service?
Marine Data Solutions 4G LTE service has been thoroughly tested throughout the Bahamas, and our maximum speed recorded was 54Mbps in Nassau. You can expect anywhere between 6 and 30 mbps downloads depending upon your location, and proximity to the towers.

How can I get the best 4G LTE system performance for speed and coverage in the Bahamas?
We strongly recommend a high quality 100mbps “Advanced” dual sim card modem unit, with 2 external antennas. Call today for equipment pricing.