Bahamas 900GB Savings Package, No Throttle


900GB of High Speed 4G LTE wireless Internet for only $975... save $75

900 GB to use as needed, in 300gb - 30 day blocks. Do not need to be used consecutively, never expires. Call us or log in, and let us know when to activate your sim card.

• 900GB, used in 3 blocks of 300gb. Downloads up to 50Mbps.
• Full Bahamas coverage, click here to view coverage map.
• 300GB available for 30 days, unused portion expires, no roll over.
• Call, or log in, to recharge, at any time.

No Throttle, No Contract, No Activation Fees, No Start Date Issues, No Overages, No Roaming, No Surprises, Downloads to 50Mbps on a Single Sim, Low Latency, Local Service, Network Priority, Secure Service, Transparent Pricing, 24/7 USA Tech Support, NonGMO, Gluten-Free, Certified Vegan.        : )

Why pay more for less? Join our fleet of over 600 Happy Yachts.

Up to 10 times faster than Vsat, at a fraction of the cost.

Purchase SIM Card Now, Receive Sim card prior to leaving for Bahamas, let us know what date to activate service.

•  Auto renewing monthly 300GB Standard Access service available here, no fixed length for auto renew, you decide how long needed, will automatically recharge your service every 30 days, until you tell us to deactivate.


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