MDS-242-A Cat 12 Bundle

MDS-242-A Cat 12 Kit Includes: 242-A Cat 12, dual sim, single modem unit, 2 External Omni Directional 4G antennas and mounts, and 2-50ft LMR-400 cables with terminated ends.

This unit is NOT capable of Dual Sim bonding.

4G LTE "Advanced" High-Speed Wireless Router - Downloads to 300Mbps. Redundant SIM Slots for Multiple Carriers - Americas, Bahamas, Caribbean, and Mediterranean Service Ready. (No Asia Service)

This unit also has a built-in LAN switch to select between Vsat and 4G, to feed your vessel network.

This unit is designed for mounting in easy to reach areas, (Communications system rack area) then running 2 - LMR-400 external antenna cables to your hardtop or mast, for best system performance. Max recommended cable length is 100ft. No splices, and no gender adapters in cable, very critical for best system performance. When installed this way, when you need to change a SIM card, it will be easy to reach. However, the installation will take more time. 

2 externally mounted antennas are included for best system performance.

 Airtime purchase is required

MDS-242-A Specifications:

Part Number: MDS 242A Cat 12
Dimensions: 7.5” x 4” x 1.6”
WAN Interface: 1 x FE Embedded LTE Advanced/3G Modem with Redundant SIM Slots
LAN Interface: 1 FE
Router Throughput: 400Mbps
Recommended Users: 1-150
Cellular Antenna Connector: 2 x SMA Antenna Connectors
Power Input: DC Jack/Terminal Block: 10V – 30V DC
Power Supply: AC/DC Adapter (Input 100-240vac , Output DC 12V/2A)
Power Consumption: 18W (max)
Weight: 1.3 pound
Operating Temperature: -40° F ~ 149° F
Humidity: 15% ~ 95% non-condensing
Warranty: 1-Year Limited Warranty

In MDS-242-A Box:
1 x MDS-242A Cat 12
1 x Quick Start Guide
2 x Cellular Antennas SMA Connector
1 x WiFi Antenna SMA Connector
1 x GPS Antenna SMA Connector
1 x Power Supply


4G LTE Omni Directional Marine Antenna. Includes 2 - 50ft LMR-400 cable with Preterminated ends, and 2 - Stainless Hardtop Mounts.

2 External Antennas are strongly recommended in all installations for maximum performance.

Specifications (External Antenna):
Frequency: 700-800 MHz: 3.4 dB; 824-894 MHz: 4.1 dB; 880-960 MHz: 3.5 dB; 1710-1880 MHz: 3.1 dB;  1850-1990 MHz: 5.1 dB; 2110-2170 MHz: 0.2 dB
Impedance: 50 Ohms
Max Power: 100 Watts
Cable: 50 Feet LMR-400
Connectors: SMA Male
Mounting: Standard Marine Mount: 1”x14 Thread
Dimensions: 2.5” x 9.8”
In MDS-4G Antenna Box (External Antenna):
1 x Wide Band Marine Antenna
1 x 50 Feet LMR-400
1 x Standard Marine Hardtop Mount


Airtime purchase is required