MDS Blender

Eliminate Internet Frustrations with MDS Blender Network Management!

By seamlessly combining up to four internet sources and optimizing speeds up to 1Gbps, MDS Blender ensures uninterrupted connectivity and minimizes service disruptions.

Internet Problems:
Are you frustrated by these common Onboard Internet problems?
• Remote Desktops don’t stay connected
• Gaming suddenly stops
• Slow Internet speeds in congested areas
• Internet failures several times per hour
• VoIP and WhatsApp call drops
• Secure web site log outs

MDS BLENDER Solutions:
Marine Data Solutions has resolved these frustrating Internet service issues with The MDS Blender.
• True seamless failover, so remote desktops, video calls, and gaming don’t suddenly stop working
• Combine up to 4 internet sources
• Bond up to 4 inputs to increase internet speeds to a max of 1Gbps up and down
• Blend your internet sources to eliminate internet service interruptions

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• Remote Desktop, Gaming, and Video Conference all work properly
• Improved Internet experience
• Increased system speeds
• USA or UK IP address, when vessel outside of UK or USA
• Increased Internet security


Common LEO Sat Problems and Advanced Satellite Internet Solutions:
LEO Sat download speeds can dramatically slowdown in areas with many users, affecting even those with the fastest yacht internet connections. Interruptions in LEO Sat service, common in marine satellite internet, often result in no service availability due to the absence of satellites in view of the antenna. During these interruptions, experiences like remote desktops, gaming, VoIP, and WhatsApp calls, as well as streaming entertainment services, are disrupted.

During these LEO Sat service interruptions:

  • Remote Desktops don’t stay connected
  • Gaming suddenly stops
  • VoIP and WhatsApp calls drop
  • Secure website log outs
  • Streaming entertainment services stop working

MDS Blender Solutions
To resolve these common LEO Sat problems and enhance your seamless maritime connectivity, MDS Blender brings you:

  • True seamless failover for uninterrupted enterprise-grade maritime internet.
  • Combining up to four internet sources, including 5G yacht internet and high-performance satellite internet, to increase overall internet speeds.
  • The MDS Blender Bonding, can support ultra-fast yacht broadband with speeds up to 1Gbps up and down.
  • Our bonding technology, essential for high-speed maritime internet, efficiently speeds up uploads and downloads while ensuring no interruption in service.

MDS Blender Effects for Next-Gen Maritime Internet:

  • Increased reliability and performance, perfect for premium yacht internet needs.
  • High-speed bonding and true instant seamless failover for the most reliable maritime internet.
  • Customized IP settings for seamless streaming entertainment access, vital for mobile internet for yachts.
  • Enhanced internet security and an improved overall internet experience, with user and device usage management by GB and/or time frames.

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MDS BLENDER Network Management Highlights:

  • Full offsite remote access to the entire vessel network, ideal for high-performance satellite internet.
  • Individual onboard device management with options like iCloud on/off per device.
  • Support for multiple Vlans and advanced network management features.

Yacht Owner Testimonials:
Discover how yacht owners and charter guests are now enjoying extended time on their boats with our 5G LTE internet and advanced LEO Sat satellite internet solutions, thanks to MDS Blender.

Yacht owner explains how she can now spend more time on her boat, outside of USA, Thanks to MDS Blender

Blender FAQ

🌀 What is the MDS Blender Designed For?

The Marine Data Solutions MDS Blender stands as an elite Yacht 5G Internet Solution and Maritime LEO Sat High-Speed Internet Device. Engineered as a sophisticated Network Management Tool, it enables user limit settings, speed bonding of up to 4 internet sources into a unified, higher bandwidth, and more stable connection, with downloads to 1GBPS. This device is specifically crafted for internet-intensive applications prevalent among yacht crews, owners, and guests. It optimizes performance for remote desktop apps like Anydesk, Team Viewer, high-definition video conferencing, and secure browsing, establishing itself as the go-to choice for enhanced high-speed internet solutions onboard luxury yachts and providing comprehensive LEO Sat maritime internet packages.

🌀 Maximum Internet Download Speed of the MDS Blender?

Unlock unparalleled 5G yachting internet and superior LEO Sat maritime services with the MDS Blender, boasting maximum bonded speeds exceeding 1Gbps, both upload and download. This capability places it at the forefront of maritime internet technology, offering unprecedented internet speeds on the water.

🌀 Monthly Cost for Optimal Connectivity with the MDS Blender?

For an all-inclusive monthly rate of $300USD, the MDS Blender delivers unlimited GB of bonding, supports unlimited users, and offers extensive network management features. This fixed cost ensures reliable yacht internet access catering to the extensive needs of both yacht crews and guests.

🌀 What Power Input Does the MDS Blender Require?

Adapted for the dynamic power environments of maritime vessels, the MDS Blender supports a wide power input range of 100-240V 50/60 Hz and is also compatible with 12vdc systems. This flexibility makes it an ideal component for seamless integration into various yacht power setups, ensuring constant and reliable internet connectivity.

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🌀 Understanding Speed Bonding in Maritime Internet

Speed Bonding, a pivotal feature of the MDS Blender, enhances your yacht’s internet by intelligently distributing internet traffic across multiple sources. This significantly amplifies overall system speed, crucial for maintaining robust 5G network solutions and ensuring seamless LEO Sat maritime connectivity.

🌀 Internet Input Capacity of the MDS Blender

Capable of integrating up to 4 distinct internet sources, the MDS Blender facilitates a versatile connection setup. It is uniquely suited for merging LEO Sat satellite internet with additional internet solutions, elevating the onboard internet experience to new heights.

🌀 Output Capabilities of the MDS Blender

With support for 2 distinct internet outputs, the MDS Blender is perfectly equipped to handle diverse network requirements onboard, ensuring that every device and user experiences optimal internet performance.

🌀 IP Address Flexibility for Global Yachting

The MDS Blender offers flexible IP configuration options including USA, UK, or local IPs, making it an indispensable tool for charter yachts. This feature is especially beneficial for accessing geo-restricted streaming services, ensuring guests have a seamless entertainment experience.

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🌀 Integrating Multiple LEO Sat and 5G Antennas

Effortlessly connect and manage up to 4 different internet sources, including multiple LEO Sat and 5G antennas, with the MDS Blender. This integration boosts network speeds and reliability, essential for luxury yachts requiring top-tier maritime internet solutions. For more info, check out our blog post:  More information about multiple LEO Sat antennas and 5G integration

🌀 Combining LEO Sat and 5G for Uninterrupted Internet

Integrating LEO Sat with 5G via the MDS Blender guarantees continuous internet connectivity, a necessity for maritime operations. This setup ensures reliable internet access even when LEO Sat satellites are momentarily out of view, crucial for maintaining constant communication and operational efficiency at sea. . For more info, check out our blog post:  More information about multiple LEO Sat antennas and 5G integration

🌀 Simplifying Installation for Yacht Connectivity

The MDS Blender is designed for straightforward installation, preprogrammed to meet the connectivity needs of modern yachts. This ease of setup ensures that yachts can quickly benefit from enhanced internet capabilities without complex installation processes.

🌀 User and Data Management on Yacht Networks

With the MDS Blender, managing data usage by user or device is straightforward. It allows specific internet allowances for individuals, such as allocating 20GB per week to a crew member, with customizable limits and time frames. This feature empowers yacht owners and captains to efficiently manage their onboard internet consumption, ensuring fair usage and optimal network performance for all.

Enhancing Maritime Network Management

The MDS Blender revolutionizes yacht network management with features like high-speed bonding, instant failover, and remote access through an iPhone App. These capabilities make it an essential tool for yachts seeking the pinnacle of internet connectivity at sea, ensuring a seamless and high-speed online experience for everyone onboard.

Monitoring Vessel Network Status Anywhere, Anytime

With the MDS Blender’s dedicated App for iPhone and Android, monitoring your vessel’s network status becomes effortless. This app provides real-time insights into internet input status, network usage, active devices, and more, enabling precise control over your yacht’s internet environment. Download the MDS Blender app today to take full

🌀 How Can I Limit Internet Use on My Vessel’s Network?

Limiting internet use on your vessel’s network is made simple and efficient with the MDS Blender from Marine Data Solutions. Designed as a cutting-edge Yacht 5G Internet Solution and LEO Sat High-Speed Internet Device, the MDS Blender excels in network management for maritime environments. It allows for detailed user limit settings, ensuring that internet usage is controlled and optimized across the vessel.

Key Features for Internet Usage Management:

Customizable User Limits: The MDS Blender enables the allocation of specific internet allowances per user or device, such as setting a 20GB weekly limit for individual crew members. This ensures equitable internet access for all onboard, allowing you to tailor internet usage according to the needs and priorities of different users.

Speed Bonding Technology: By bonding up to 4 internet sources, the MDS Blender not only enhances the network’s bandwidth and stability but also ensures that the internet usage is efficiently distributed. This technology is crucial for maintaining high-speed internet access, especially for bandwidth-intensive activities.

Network Management Features: With its comprehensive network management capabilities, including support for multiple VLANs and advanced settings, the MDS Blender provides yacht owners and captains with full control over their vessel’s internet infrastructure. This allows for more granular management of internet usage and the optimization of network resources.

Real-Time Monitoring and Remote Access: The dedicated MDS Blender app for iPhone and Android offers real-time insights into the vessel’s network status, including internet input status, network usage, and active devices. This enables proactive management of internet consumption, allowing adjustments to be made on the fly to ensure optimal performance for all users.

By implementing the MDS Blender, yacht owners and captains can effectively manage and limit internet use on their vessel’s network, ensuring that all onboard have access to reliable and high-speed internet tailored to their specific needs. This approach not only optimizes the network’s performance but also enhances the overall internet experience for guests, crew, and owners alike, making the MDS Blender an essential tool for maritime connectivity.


The MDS Blender app is available on the Apple App Store, and the Google Play App Store. Search for MDS Blender, click the links below:
MDS Blender iPhone App

MDS Blender Android App


Summary of Mrs. Frain’s Blender Testimonial
I am Tami, the proud owner of Romeo Foxtrot – a 116 Hargrave. We took delivery of Romeo Foxtrot in January, and I couldn’t be more excited. The MDS Blender has genuinely opened my eyes to a whole new world of boating. I am now able to reliably work remotely without missing a day at the office. People at the office are unaware that I’m not present physically; they assume I’m working from home. This allows me to enjoy my ocean time discreetly. We had our grandchildren on board, during a trip to West End in the Bahamas, the kids were occupied with watching Coco Melon repeatedly while we were in transit. This streaming TV demand placed a lot on the Wi-Fi system. Nonetheless, everything worked great, and the kids stayed content, and we were able to utilize the Wi-Fi for work, at the same time. We also charter the boat, and I am confident that charter guests will also experience seamless connectivity, allowing them to remain connected to their work. While vacations are great, maintaining connectivity is crucial for many. The MDS Blender has impressed me; I am thoroughly pleased with its performance. It has opened my eyes and granted me the flexibility to work while on the boat, which wasn’t feasible before. My husband always wanted to go boating, but I would decline due to work commitments. Now, I can work effectively both at home and on the boat, making it incredibly convenient. This experience has introduced me to an entirely new world of possibilities.

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