Eliminate Starlink Frustrations with MDS Blender Network Management!

STARLINK Problems:
Are you frustrated by these common Starlink problems?
• Remote Desktops don’t stay connected
• Gaming suddenly stops
• Slow Internet speeds in congested areas
• Internet failures several times per hour
• VoIP and WhatsApp call drops
• Secure web site log outs
MDS BLENDER Solutions:
Marine Data Solutions has resolved these frustrating Starlink service issues with The MDS Blender.
• True seamless failover, so remote desktops, video calls, and gaming don’t suddenly stop working
• Combine up to 4 internet sources
• Bond up to 4 inputs to increase internet speeds to a max of 1Gbps up and down
• Blend your internet sources to eliminate internet service interruptions

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• Remote Desktop, Gaming, and Video Conference all work properly
• Improved Internet experience
• Increased system speeds
• USA or UK IP address, when vessel outside of UK or USA
• Increased Internet security


Common Starlink problems:

  • Starlink download speeds slow down dramatically in areas with lots of other Starlink users, no matter what antenna or service type.
  • Starlink service has many interruptions each hour, where there is no service available.
  • Starlink service issues are always related to no satellites in view of antenna.

During these Starlink service interruptions:

  • Remote Desktops don’t stay connected
  • Gaming suddenly stops
  • VoIP and WhatsApp calls drop
  • Secure website log outs
  • Streaming entertainment services stop working

MDSD Blender Solutions
Common Starlink problems are resolved by:

  • True seamless failover, so remote desktops, video calls, and gaming don’t suddenly stop working
  • Combine up to 4 internet sources
  • Bond up to 4 internet sources to increase internet speeds to a max of 1Gbps up and down
  • Blend your internet sources to eliminate Starlink internet service interruptions

MDS Blender Bonding

  • Blender will bond up to 4 internet sources together, at about 85-90% efficiency.
  • Bonding splits the internet signal across the available sources, then reassembles that signal at our shore-based servers, increasing your speeds.
  • Our Bonding will effectively speed up your uploads and downloads, as all sources are sharing only a part of the data transfer loads.
  • When any of the 4 internet sources drops out, the load is split to the other remaining sources, seamlessly, with no internet service interruption.
  • MDS Blender will Bond your internet inputs up to a maximum speed of 1Gbps up and down.
  • MDS provides unlimited GB of monthly internet bonding at a fixed price.

MDS Blender Effects

  • Increased Internet Reliability for Enterprise needs
  • Increased system speeds
  • USA or UK IP for the streaming entertainment access your guests expect
  • Increased Internet security
  • Improved overall internet experience

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MDS BLENDER Network Management highlights:

  • Full offsite remote access to entire vessel network
  • High speed bonding to increase system speeds
  • True Instant Seamless Failover
  • Individual onboard device management
  • iCloud on/off per device
  • USA IP when Vessel is outside of USA
  • UK IP when Vessel out of UK
  • Local IP
  • Firewall
  • Supports multiple Vlans
  • IOS and Android user App
  • Desktop application

Yacht owner explains how she can now spend more time on her boat, outside of USA, Thanks to MDS Blender

Blender FAQ

🌀 What is the purpose of the MDS Blender?
– Marine Data Solutions MDS Blender is a Network Management device that will bond up to 4 internet sources together, and make a single, higher bandwidth, more stable, internet connection, among many other network management options. MDS Blender gives you the enterprise grade connectivity, that your users demand, when using: Anydesk, Team Viewer, Xbox, cloud desktops, Zoom or Teams video conferencing, and secure web sites.

🌀 What is the maximum speed of the MDS Blender?
– Maximum Bonded speed of the marine Data Solution Blender is over 1Gbps up and down.

🌀 What is the cost per GB to use the MDS Blender?
– Marine Data Solutions Blender Network Management System has Unlimited GB of Bonding, Unlimited Users, and Network Management at a monthly fixed cost of $300.
– Other Bonding services charge by GBs used each month, other network management tools charge per device.

🌀 What is the input voltage of the MDS Blender?
– MDS Blender comes with a USA 3 prong, 100-240V 50/60 Hz, 1.7A power supply.
– System power can be adapted to 12vdc, but power conditioner will be required.

🌀 What is Bonding?
– Bonding is a method of sharing internet traffic between several internet sources. When the MDS Blender has multiple internet sources, internet traffic is split among those sources so that it increases the overall speed of the internet traffic. This additional speed is critical on large networks when video conferencing, streaming entertainment, and transferring large files. In addition to increasing system speeds, bonding will decrease your chances of internet downtime due to losing one of your multiple internet connections.
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🌀 What are the Maximum upload and download speeds we can achieve with the MDS Blender?
– Marine Data Solutions Blender hardware can provide speeds to a maximum of 1Gbps up and down.
– Speeds are dependent on the speeds of your incoming internet connections.

🌀 How many internet inputs can the MDS Blender support?
– MDS Blender can support up to 4 separate internet sources.

🌀 How many outputs does the MDS Blender support?
– MDS Blender can support 2 separate internet outputs.
– MDS Blender can handle multiple Vlans.

🌀 Where does the MDS Bonded internet come ashore?
– MDS Blender has the options of USA, UK, or local IP. Perfect for charter yachts, where guests will expect USA or UK IP so that their streaming services work like they do at home.

🌀 How can I connect the 2 Starlink Maritime antennas together to make a single network?
– MDS Blender can easily connect up to 4 different internet sources, and bond them all together for greater speeds on a single network output.

🌀 Can I connect the 2 Starlink Maritime antennas and 1 Starlink RV antenna on the same network?
– The Marine Data Solutions Blender will accept up to 4 internet inputs, and bond those 4 inputs together for the greatest speeds, and increased reliability. Yes, you could connect up to 4 Starlink systems together.

🌀 Why would we want to bond Starlink with 5G?
– Starlink satellites are always moving, and the Starlink satellite constellation is currently only at 10%. Because the system is so new, there are many times per day when the Starlink satellites are just NOT in view. When there is no Starlink satellite in view, your vessel network will NOT have any internet (this situation usually happens several times per hour, look at “Statistic” and then “Outages” on your Starlink App) When Starlink service stops, your remote desktops, Video conferencing, VoIP calls, cloud applications, and secure web sites will log out. To eliminate these Starlink internet service interruptions, the Marine Data Solutions Blender bonds the Starlink internet with 5G internet, so that the vessel network only experiences a slow down when Starlink signal is lost, rather than a complete internet “stoppage”, when Starlink internet signal is lost. Not only will bonding the systems together eliminate internet loss, it will also increase the system speed by combining them together. (when both systems are working)

🌀 How difficult is it to install the MDS Blender?
– MDS Blender is preprogrammed for your system when it arrives. Connect the network cables from your available internet sources, and then connect the Blender output to your vessel network. Add ships power to the blender and the physical install is complete, we will then remote into your MDS Blender and make final programing modifications, if needed, to customize to your existing network.

🌀 Can I combine my Viasat system with Starlink?
– The MDS Blender will allow you to combine Viasat and other legacy Vsat systems with Starlink and 5G. However the 5-600ms latency of Viasat and Vsat will be introduced into the whole system. The Viasat will add more speed, but Viasat will also add more system latency to the output of the MDS Blender.

🌀 How does MDS Blender Manage my Network and make it better?

  • Full remote access to vessel network
  • High Speed Bonding to increase internet speeds
  • Instant seamless failover
  • Individual onboard device management
  • iCloud on/off, per device
  • Multiple Vlan
  • Firewall
  • IOS and Android App
  • Desktop App

🌀 How does MDS Blender Manage my Network and make it better?
– The MDS Blender app is available on the Apple App Store, and the Google Play App Store. Search for MDS Blender, click the links below:


Summary of Mrs. Frain’s Blender Testimonial
I am Tami, the proud owner of Romeo Foxtrot – a 116 Hargrave. We took delivery of Romeo Foxtrot in January, and I couldn’t be more excited. The MDS Blender has genuinely opened my eyes to a whole new world of boating. I am now able to reliably work remotely without missing a day at the office. People at the office are unaware that I’m not present physically; they assume I’m working from home. This allows me to enjoy my ocean time discreetly. We had our grandchildren on board, during a trip to West End in the Bahamas, the kids were occupied with watching Coco Melon repeatedly while we were in transit. This streaming TV demand placed a lot on the Wi-Fi system. Nonetheless, everything worked great, and the kids stayed content, and we were able to utilize the Wi-Fi for work, at the same time. We also charter the boat, and I am confident that charter guests will also experience seamless connectivity, allowing them to remain connected to their work. While vacations are great, maintaining connectivity is crucial for many. The MDS Blender has impressed me; I am thoroughly pleased with its performance. It has opened my eyes and granted me the flexibility to work while on the boat, which wasn’t feasible before. My husband always wanted to go boating, but I would decline due to work commitments. Now, I can work effectively both at home and on the boat, making it incredibly convenient. This experience has introduced me to an entirely new world of possibilities.

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