Viasat Highspeed InternetSeamless Coverage Throughout Continental USA, Central America, Caribbean, and Mediterranean

Viasat High Speed Satellite Yacht Internet Systems

    • Typical Speeds you can expect are 25MBPS – 50 MBPS. Our speed testing was as high as 146Mbps download on speed test.
    • Unlimited GB plans, starting at $999 per month. No Overage Charges.
    • Seamless coverage thru all of Continental USA, Central America, Bahamas, Caribbean, and Med
    • Hardware is KA Band equipment built on the Cobham platform (Sailor 600 and 900 units)
    • As this is groundbreaking technology, you will have to replace your existing Ku equipment in order to access the game changing Viasat high speed service
    • MIR, CIR and Contention Ratio do not apply, this is new technology
  • Sailor 600 VSATHow do they do it? Typical “high speed” Ku satellites have a capacity around 15 Gigabits per second and some Ka satellites have even less. Viasat 2 ‘s capacity is 260 Gigabits per second. It is simply a different world. When you add the built-in bandwidth allocation flexibility of their fully vertically integrated network, and Viasat’s advanced adaptive waveform, you get an Internet experience at sea never seen before. And it gets even better in 2022, with the launch of the Global Viasat 3 constellation. Each or the three Viasat 3 satellites will be adding 1000 Gigabit per second to the existing constellation. The Viasat technology, already famous with commercial airlines, brings an at home/at office Internet experience at sea including streaming and videoconferencing.
  • Click here for Viasat Coverage Map (PDF, 524KB)
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  • Click here for downloadable Viasat Brochure (PDF, 2M)

How It Works

    • Purchase and install new Viasat Sailor 600 or Viasat Sailor 900 equipment. Call today to purchase airtime equipment +1-954-859-7092
    • Once system has been installed tested and activated, selected airtime plan cost is prorated to 1st of month, recurring billing every month on the 1st
    • Plans can be adjusted up or down as needed, 10 days’ notice required
    • Can have 6 months quiet time per year