Viasat Highspeed InternetSeamless Coverage Throughout North America, Central America, Caribbean, and Mediterranean

Marine Data Solutions High Speed Internet Unlimited GB, Fixed CostViasat High Speed Satellite Yacht Internet Systems

    • Typical Speeds you can expect are 25MBPS – 50 MBPS.
    • Our tested maximum speed was 174Mbps, at Lauderdale Marine Center
    • Unlimited GB plans, starting at $999 per month.
    • No Overage Charges. Service does not shut off if you go over.
    • Seamless coverage thru all of North America, Central America, Bahamas, Caribbean, and Med.
    • System has built in 4G/5G back up, at no extra cost.
    • Hardware is KA Band equipment built on the Cobham platform (Sailor 600 and 900 units)
    • Existing KU Band Sailor Vsat equipment cannot be upgraded.
    • MIR, CIR and Contention Ratio do not apply, this is new technology.

How does Viasat provide satellite internet downloads for yachts to 174Mbps?

  • As a comparison, most competitor’s Ku Band Vsat satellites have a maximum throughput capacity of about 15 Gigabits per second.
  • That 15GB per second throughput is split and shared between all of the Vsat units on the Yachts, Ships, and Oil Rigs using that same satellite.
  • Viasat’s current capacity is 260 Gigabits per second, simply a different universe.
  • Viasat currently supports commercial airlines like JetBlue and Delta, where 150 passengers simultaneously surf and stream internet content, with no issues.
  • And it gets even better in 2022, with the launch of the Global Viasat 3 constellation. Each or the three Viasat 3 satellites will be adding 1000 Gigabit per second to the existing constellation.
  • The Viasat technology, already famous with commercial airlines, brings an at home/at office Internet experience at sea including streaming and videoconferencing.
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  1. What is the typical speeds we can expect from Viasat high speed internet system?
      Viasat typical download speeds for yachts are 25Mbps to 50Mbps, and in our testing, we have seen a maximum download speed of 174Mbps.
  1. How many people can use the Viasat high speed internet system at the same time?
      Viasat yacht systems can handle over 40 simultaneous users, on the Sailor 900 KA band antennas system.
  1. What is the current coverage for Viasat high speed internet for Yachts?
      1. The current Viasat yacht satellite coverage is most of north and central America, Bahamas, Caribbean, and Med.

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  1. How can I get a Viasat high speed internet airtime price list? Click here to request Viasat equipment and airtime pricing guide.
  1. How can I get a Vsat comparison chart to help me select the right Vsat system for my needs? Click here to request a Vsat comparison guide, covering the latest from Viasat, KVH, and Intellian.
  1. What happens to my Viasat high speed internet service if there is a problem with the Viasat satellite
      Viasat has a built in high speed 4/5g backup, at no extra cost.
  1. Why does Viasat have a cellular component as part of the system?
      In addition to backing up your high speed internet connection, the 4/5g modem allows the Viasat techs to remotely access your system for diagnostics, adjustments, and software updates.
  1. What is the difference between Viasat sailor 600 and Viasat sailor 900?
      The Sailor 900 antenna dome is significantly larger than the Sailor 600. Larger antennas equates to better functionality in “fringe” coverage areas, and in heavy weather situations. The larger 900 antenna also equated to more bandwidth and speed throughput.
  1. Can I upgrade my existing Sailor 600 or 900 system to Viasat service?
      Unfortunately, no, you cannot upgrade your current Sailor 600 or 900 KU band Vsat. KU band Sailor 600 and 900 systems must be replaced when upgrading vessel to Viasat system.
  1. Can Marine Data Solutions provide and install the Viasat high speed internet system on my Yacht?
      1. Yes, we can handle the installation of your new Viasat system in the South Florida area. Our technical offices are located at Lauderdale Marine center in Fort Lauderdale.

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  1. In need to replace my current Vsat, how can I compare equipment prices, airtime costs, and system speeds of the popular Vsat systems on the market today?
        1. Marine Data Solutions has compiled all of the equipment prices, airtime costs, and system speeds of the popular Vsat systems that are available today.

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